la abuelita (abuelita) wrote in partyposse,
la abuelita

an order of business

i have a friend whose name is patchy, and i think he is in dire need to be a part of the party posse. i think he will prove himself worthy beyond any random partier. yay or nay?
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we need stats ASAP.

2 references that are not related to him and could we call them to verify his party quotient?

does he:
-party hard
-party until he pukes
-get wet
-take it off
-smash bricks on his face
-wear white jeans
-know when it's time to party
-<3 ninjas with every part of his body (including his pee pee)
and is he
- 70% homosexual according to the online quiz

if so, we will set up an interview.
so, i emailed patchy the requirement above and this was his reply:

well hmm lets see ill start from the top ... that would be 18
... hmm there would be a tough time getting intouch with my part "crew" but i suppose if they are really necessary i could dig the numbers out of my book.
(i usually party in a smaller group and less organized... aka: no membership cards)

the rest of those have been known to happen ... getting wet and taking it off more than the others im afraid... i dont really have a pair of white jeans ... but im quite pale in the leg area ( does this count??) ... i smash bricks reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaalllll gooooood!!!! ... and ninjas are the only reason i exist ...and ninjas on motorcycles are even cooler.
the one thing im not sure of is this quiz ... ive never heard of the thing ... but i could always give it a shot ... well never know until we try.

these would be my specs give me a jingle if they are to your likings
tell him he should come friday night so we can check him out. so far so good though.
it will have to be another night. he is leaving for mexico the next morning.


July 9 2002, 08:02:09 UTC 14 years ago

i could confirm that he is a hard partier.he partys fact im supposed to be going to party hard with him today.whenever i party hard with him i walk into my house and collapse because ive been partying so hard.tis the truth.
hm, being the ceo and a minor courtesy call, ill have to meet this person. if he makes me laugh, he is in. if he makes me want to eat my own vomit, well, he isnt.

relax... im on vacation.